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February 20th, 2009

02:27 am
time to buy a hat i guess.

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October 3rd, 2007

11:06 am - Now the hero subcontractor has to subcontract to his kid
Two things before i race for the bus:

  1. Daisies is playing in the city (Sydney) this Saturday, and i have an extra ticket, and a still apprehensive resolution to be more social and magnanimous, so would anyone like to come with me?
  2. Apparently my usual email password has been changed by someone who isn't me, so it shall now be: fire.as.a.metaphor@gmail.com

Alex, when can we practise? Either band.
Current Music: Giants Chair - 1000 of Anything

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April 24th, 2007

09:20 pm

Current Music: Knotwork - When the bough breaks

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March 3rd, 2007

02:55 am - They were MST3K riffs...
Since time turned 2007 my father died, my sister gave birth to twins (boys, huge ones), i am playing in two bands i like very much, and as of tomorrow i am moving out of home for the first time in my life - out of Wilberforce, which i guess has been my life. I have tried so hard to make it so, to make growing up in a small town mean something. I just came back from a walk through the ol' neighbourhood. I had so many plans. I never did anything here. I do not want to do anything anyplace else.

Also, people should borrow more things from me. Honestly, when it comes to music and movies, i have a lot of neat stuff, and it has been my heart's desire while amassing it to lend any part of it to people.
Current Music: The Hated - Words come back.

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September 16th, 2006

11:33 am
livejournal update out of nowhere

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January 30th, 2006

10:26 pm - Look! Bigfoot... putting on a blazer.
Attention, Melbournites.
(or people who know something about Melbourne)

I need ideas on what to do in your fine city (for time-specific purposes, the week of 1/2/06 to 8/2/06),

This includes eateries (vegan), tram routes, tram etiquette, parks, shows, museums, libraries, galleries, record stores, markets, strips, amusement parks, places of interest, buildings, landmarks, failed tourist ventures, successful tourist ventures, your favourite places, Melbourne cliches, kiosks at ends of piers, Moorabbin.

Thank you.
Current Music: The Fat Boys - Stick 'Em

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January 27th, 2006

06:12 pm - What sins could a duck commit in a single lifetime?
I am listening to a CD Henry made for me. The few days i worked with him on the ground, away from the noise of Afrons, when we spoke, were my favourite non-Rebekah moments of this summer. Not that i've had anything else happen to me, nor anyone else's help to have something else happen... or have tried myself to have something else happen. With my talent for remembering/never forgeting everything that happened during high school and him being a centerpiece for ingroup gossip and other goings-on, with us both offering a little intrigue to each other (well him to me, at least), we passed days away talking. And those were long days - orchard time works differently to normal time. I refuse to amount the time it killed to boredom. I wanted it, even at the risk of being annoying.

So i have this CD. In the final minutes of one day we pushed through diffidence somewhat and told each other we'd like to be in a band together. That is as far as i pushed. He mentioned bands he liked and i had to confess i hadn't heard any of them. In my crippling convention of limiting myself to being adaptable and not assertive, i asked him to make me a CD. He had had one ready for me since last season. He gave it to me on his birthday. I have to make one for him.

I like it a lot. There is no tracklisting for it though.

There is something wrong with me. Listening to it, the thought and effort i need to dedicate to make something for him on my mind, it sticks in me how beyond me it all sounds, how sophisticated it all is, how adult, and how immature i am in comparison. If i were to offer Henry something in return i dread to realise how it would be received. It is not so much what i listen to, as i could make the most agreeable mixtape ever and i would still feel this way. It extends beyond any small sacrifice of musical sanctuary as well.

A running line in our conversations was how we are still working in an orchard at our age, while everyone else in the world wasn't. This is by no means a race to find out who is the most rut-stuck of us, but i listened to Henry and if he was bearing an embarrassing situation to me, i was silent with greater embarrasment. I have no right to diminish what he feels, but while every one of my friends were busy moving out of home, travelling, being employed, having sex, taking drugs, expanding circles and making new friends, growing, making marks, i watched a lot of movies, got in the way and not a lot else. And these are my friends. Our group grew up differently than our peers, i grew up differently in that subset. I guess we all did in a way.

It pours through everything i am, everything i say and everything i do. It is not even a charming immaturity. It is an immaturity i feel is, or should be, greeted with polite pity. I do not feel like the age i am. Before i would say that in proud defiance, now it is said with a sort of shame, shame only in that i feel alone in it. I do not think i can catch up. Whatever it is will be on display tomorrow night at Henry's birthday party, and in the CD i will hopefully have made him for then.

I am not sure if i like my tone throughout this. I need to do something with it.

I'm going to see Sleater-Kinney tonight! Rebekah and i turn one year old tomorrow! I am going to Melbourne next week! Things!

Buzzcocks - Singles: Going steady

Big W, Penrith. $5.84

So where do the Buzzcocks fit in? I bought this when i was fourteen. Henry once asked me why i had this. The music press that examines peaks well after they have peaked claims it as classic, so i have their support in liking it. Still i would not take this and tell anyone i knew (except Rebekah) that some of the songs on here are the best ever written.
Current Music: track four of Henry's CD

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October 1st, 2005

01:43 am - We want to challenge your robots to a game of hockey.
Serenity was everything i wanted it to be. I do not remember it being so loud, but that could be because i watched Firefly every week late at night with the sound down low so as to not wake everybody else in the house up. Good times. Now what is there to stay up for? Wanda at Large? Until Veronica Mars airs here and is shifted to a midnight slot (if not taken off air completely) by some network scheduling genius, there is nothing worth sacrificing sleep over.

So i sacrifice sleep in other ways. Trying and failing to write an entry about my want yet fear of visibility, and whatever fallout awaits me after telling my Partial Differential Equations lecture's (except Death Cab for Cutie t-shirt wearing guy [all this time and he still wears the same shirt!]) favourite SRC President candidate to go fuck himself. But then having to deal with what visibility that post would garner me - not having the conviction or the belief that i can hold any assertive position on anything - arrests any output. There is a reason why i write on nothing but television, movies or music, and a reason why i complain and aspire to write about something else.

Buffalo Tom - Big red letter day.

Red Eye Records, Sydney $17.98

Yes, i bought this for the song Late At Night, for obvious reasons. My So-Called Life is probably the most perfect, wonderful and befitting television show to ever have illuminated my lounge room. And, like all things that i find suited towards me that are accepted wholey, embraced and loved, its given time was never going to be enough, like so many others (hi Freaks and Geeks). Anyway, Late At Night soundtracked the scene where Jordan asks Angela if they can go somewhere.

That scene... How every other Liberty High student in that hallway fades and a world is created, bound by Brian, Jordan's friends, Rayanne, Rickie and [i can't remember]'s eyes, of Angela and Jordan. Jordan's stride. Angela against her locker. Her lean. Brian in the middle. How he dissolves as what is going on becomes apparent. And Angela's heart as what is going on becomes apparent. How Jordan asks. How Angela says "sure". Everyone affected. Vilgilant. Rickie's head canting to lean against his locker. Rayanne. Jordan's friends. Brian silently destroyed. How their hands meet. And how Angela walks slightly behind Jordan, smiling... that smile... I cannot imagine that scene without that song, and i cannot hear that song without imagining that scene. The most beautiful moment ever on television. No wait, the most beautiful would be Angela's dance after Jordan drops her home after that "Red" scene... yeah... it's an ok album.

Both the asking out scene and little dance scene are available here: http://www.mscl.com.

And here is the song.
Current Music: Infest - Upright Mass

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September 13th, 2005

10:54 am - When confronted by a werewolf, immediately leave your car and run out in the open.
Well it has been a week and the twenty movies were...
  1. Harold and Maude
  2. Jules and Jim
  3. Pierre le Fou
  4. SPirit of the Beehive
  5. Daisies
  6. Celine and Julie Go Boating
  7. Rushmore
  8. Rashomon
  9. West Side Story
  10. Through a Glass Darkly
  11. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  12. Stalker
  13. Onibaba
  14. Tampopo
  15. Sleep Away Camp
  16. Repulsion
  17. The Iron Giant
  18. Days of Heaven
  19. Hoop Dreams
  20. Mouchette

... all of which you should all see immediately if you have not already. Really, you should. Why does no one ever listen to me?

So in an effort to bludgeon my taste in movies on others i am going to host a film festival at my house as a facade to make people appreciate how not having a life to get in the way of delving deep into the world of movies can yield the best results - appreciate me. Sometime in the future i will secure a large enough television and more chairs than i have now, food, a red carpet, a party-capable toilet, decide on a programme, and politely make people finally realise i have better taste in things than they do. People could also make their own movies and premiere them in my loungeroom. Fighting off great urban sprawl is hard enough, so i have no intention (pretending i have the means) of turning Wilberforce into a Sundance, but this should be fun. And i am kidding about the pompous intention behind it. I am trying to help people here.

So... would anyone come?

Speaking of movies, my school library's AV department just yesterday got in Sadie Benning's complete works. Yes!

I write about nothing other than movies and music. This was going to be about something else, but i will write about that later. Does anyone want to hear something in particular from me? I will write about anything.

Bracket - "E" is for everything on Fat

A present from mother $0.00

I cannot recall why i was deserving of a present. I think i helped paint the house and this was my wage. My knowledge of music i could call my own had barely grown from Fat or Epitaph. Bracket were something a little different within that boundary and i wanted this for 2RAK005 and, yes, at first i was a little disappointed by almost every other song as i was, um, a kid, but they grew on me and i like it, even though they dismiss wrestling actually involving pain or any talent. Though they are singing about the WWF/E, whose cameras cut to a wide shot everytime someone lands a move, everyone should be aware that wrestling, good wrestling, hovers between 62 to 67% real.
Current Music: Mohinder - Numb

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September 6th, 2005

06:23 pm - What, are you kidding?  We're on a spaceship!  This place is crawling with toothpicks!
Hello everybody, especially Jeremy. Some thoughtless individual at this stupid university locked the trampoline room, so here i am in a computer lab. It's in the Pharmacy building at the University of Sydney if you want to come up and see a person and talk what's what with someone who truly cares. Yes, that person is me.

People are doing this, you know?
The rules :
1. Pick 20 films you love/thoroughly enjoyed.
2. Find screen captures (stills) for each film. If you can't find a still, pick a new movie.
3. Post the pictures with the rules; let your readers guess from what
movie each still is.

My twentyCollapse )

Born Against - Patriotic battle hymns.

xLukex from Wollongong $10.00

I have never bought something from someone so happy for me to have that something. Not to be rid of it, but as if passing a torch, elated that it is reaching someone else. It reached me well. The funny thing is if i had heard Born Against at an earlier time in my life i probably would have dismissed it. I'm glad i was wanting and ready for it.

I have always meant to talk to Luke. I hear he is from England. I think. At least that's the impression i get from eavesdropping on his conversations.

| Mt. Dew |
Current Music: Ninja High School - Jam Band Death Cult

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